Vasoline - The Other White Meat
aw man

I think I need glasses. Michele has been telling this to me for years.

I refused cause I got multiple eye surgeries done on me.

But that was illegal in US back then…long story…but now I can’t read.

I have to squint.

Is that a word? Squint…sounds funny.

I will never, ever wear contacts again. I burned my eyes out too many times.

But I think I need reading glasses.

Or you assholes need to use a bigger font in your posts!

Get off my lawn. 

I love waking up like this

Light a smoke.

Walk outside.

Sit on my bench.

Then feel liquid hit my face.

Rain. I don’t mind sitting in rain. I like it. Free shower.

Then look up and there are no clouds.

I think a squirrel peed on me……

Blag Dahlia at his best.

You know my friend hit him with his car? Smacked out and whacked out.

He was.

Got up and walked away. Like nothing happened.

Somewhere in San Francisco.

Just smacked him.


These are old memories.

I’ll stop posting music now.

Here you go.

This is when things fell apart.

Or came together?


therealmardallie said: Sacratomato? :)

treebourbon said: Can I call it SanFran?

Just watch this……..Just the end….


That was the President of the company. Huge company.

I might have should have read his title before I wrote back to him.

Meh. I do that.

Action before words, right?

Good thing I didn’t call him an asshole for saying “NorCal”, right?


I broke one of my big rules.

I got hooked up with a job interview in Sacramento, California.

Fucking great. Where I cam from.

Connection after connection but the guy emailed me back in 20 minutes

But he said something I hate. Fucking hate.

"You understand this job is in NorCal"……


Don’t say nothing, Todd,

It is not NorCal!!!!!!!

It is Northern California!!!!!

You might as well call it Frisco or Sacto.

But nope. Didn’t say anything.

Tells me you aren’t from there though…..

Hm. Alright. You beat me. 

I didn’t start this.

You ever watch “chopped”?

I mean the judges bitch about everything from the start to the finish,

I would like to see them chop everyone in the first round and get their over paid, useless asshole fingers up there and finish the show.

Let them do it. Show how good you are.

Let them make plates with sauerkraut and cigar butts. See how they walk out of it.

Then explain them. To some judges. Explain what you made.

To the judges.

I just haven’t figured out who those judges should be yet.

I am thinking Terry Bradshaw as one but the other two judges are up in the air.


Is Mike Tyson still alive?