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No way, man. Screw Heather.

I was walking by the computer and glanced at the picture.
I thought it said “Hitler”.
"Share a Coke with Hitler"
Kinda fucked my head up there for a second.


No way, man. Screw Heather.

I was walking by the computer and glanced at the picture.

I thought it said “Hitler”.

"Share a Coke with Hitler"

Kinda fucked my head up there for a second.

My thoughts

And you might not give a shit but ok.

This world is about nothing else then experience. You don’t have much time, right? You might as well take in as much as possible. See different things. Meet other people. Try, badly, at learning new languages.

Understand different people. No matter how fucked up you think they are, they think the same about you.

But you share a beer. Give them your last smoke. Go walking with them. Learn about what they are about and they learn about what you are about.

You figure out that everyone is cool.

No matter who they are. Excluding Neo Nazis but you get what I mean.

So when I say I move all the time, I do. I moved everywhere and each time I got a new experience. A new understanding. A new feeling.

Best thing?

I got a new friend.

That is the best thing.

So when I see someone from a picture in a state THAT I DIDN’T KNOW THEY FUCKING WENT TO I am not angry. Not at all. You can take care of yourself.

Enjoy the experience. Have fun. Meet new friends.

But I do have an issue.

After I researched Cracker Barrel…you could have fucking brought me something home.


I am looking at you two assholes.

I like hats……

I’ll meet you halfway at the Nut Tree.

If you know what that means, God help you. You are old school Northern Californian.

Posted for my Vacaville friend.

Question for Marvel Comic Book Readers


Hi guys!  So, I am a big movie nerd, but I don’t always read the source material, and comic books are something I haven’t had the time or the cash to get into.  

Anyway, I was checking out the cast info on X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Both have a character named Quicksilver.  Is it possible there are two distinct Quicksilvers in the Marvel “universe”?  

So far Marvel has been super careful to keep X-Men and Avengers totally separate.  Is that changing?

No. There is one Quicksilver. Twin of Scarlet Witch. I haven’t watched many of those movies (not totally true) but the ones I have seen are totally wrong. People from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s…etc…are all the same age.

All the stories are wrong so when I watch them, you just forget about the comics.

Because if you watch the movies and compare them to the comics, you will go crazy.

The best one of those movies was that first generation one but that was even totally wrong.

But no. There is one Quicksilver.


But it is how I am feeling now.

I fucking told you this would happen.

No one fucking listened.

Thursday Theme - Ahoy!

Sailboats. Sails. I love them. I learned how to sail as a little kid. Sail boards and sail boats.

It’s really not that hard. The big boats you need a few people if you want to go fast but if you just want to cruise? You can do it yourself.

I think.

I never did it myself. I just yelled a lot at people when we were going around Lake Tahoe.

My dad had a 43’ boat. The “Janet Lee”.

Parked in Lake Tahoe. In the restaurant that I always fucking forget the name of. 

The first time Michele came with me to California, we went to this joint. Best food ever…argh…Sunnyside…You guys always do this to me right when I wake up.

Anyway. Sunnyside dock. Near Tahoe City. 10 minutes away.

Pretty much the best food in Tahoe.

I looked at this boat. I was sailing it. I was hanging out on the thing they call a beach in Tahoe and I just decided to live in the boat. 

Why not, right?

Problem was, it was not my boat.

It had two rooms. Kitchen. Shower. Everything. I could live on it.

So I asked dad.

He said it was cool so I lived on a boat, paid out for a car parking place and hung out with the locals.

It was kinda cool waking up in the morning and pissing off the side of the boat in your boxers with a smoke out of your mouth while all these people, who had probably won trips to Lake Tahoe from “The Price is Right”, looked on.

Smile and wave, right? Just smile and wave.

So I started getting shit. For having parties on it and whatever else. The Sunnyside people told me I needed to cool it out.

So fuck them.

I sailed that thing to Nevada. Found a new place. Didn’t tell my parents. Just did it.

But once I was in Nevada (1 week) I pulled the same shit.

Just with different people.

Wake up. Piss in Tahoe with a smoke while people looked on.

So I sailed back to Sunnyside and decided my lifestyle was not in fit with them.

It was a fun party boat.

Morning! Shitter’s full!


And good night to all.


Why don’t I care if people take them?

Complicated answer.

Many levels.

We can start out with we all take drugs. Aspirin, Advil, whatever.

So you are already down on this. You just might not think it.

Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you chew tobacco? 

That glass of wine? That is a taxable drug. Think about it. That beer? Same thing.

So why is it different when I am drinking a beer and someone next to me is smoking a joint?


They paid no taxes on it. Fueled the drug cartel wars going on in Mexico?


That is my issue. Dead people.

I don’t do drugs anymore. I am not a saint. I know though that almost everyone does some kind of drug and what is “illegal” is just that way cause the government can’t tax it.

You all know that.

I have seen worse things in bars then I have ever seen with a bunch of stoners.

But this is when it gets hard.

Speed, smack, PCP, LSD, crack and cocaine.

What do you do about those?

There is always someone who wants more.

So what do you do?

Those are made nationally. Those are the ones that destroy people.

But you can’t stop someone from killing themselves. I know that.

I kill myself with these fucking smokes. But they are legal. And they are ten times worse then pot? 


Government makes taxes off them.

So if you ask me if I care about someone smoking pot?

Fuck no. 

If you ask me if it should be legal?

Fuck yes.

It will be. Soon. Then you can deal with your other problems while I pop an Advil and smoke a Camel and wonder what the next drug will be.

It is all taxes and boredom.

how many hits did we take? I know it was either three or seven.

my boyfriend but also any stoner ever (via natuhtack)

I thought you were talking about acid until I read “Nat….”

That is the way my mind works…

Just cause.

I broke my keyboard tonight. Put it back together.

Smashed it cause “d” didn’t work. Slammed it on the wall. 5 times.

When you got nothing you got nothing to lose, right?

Then it worked!

Fixed it so what the fuck do I care?

Right here is my home.

You gotta think about things like that.

But look! d d d d d d d!

Fuck yeah!

I can fix anything.

You just don’t wanna watch how I do it.