Vasoline - The Other White Meat
All I was saying

And I don’t do it well.

Is I have my feelings about what happened. They aren’t nice but I didn’t see what happened.

I have been in shootings and riots shit like that before so I can say something.

About those. The ones I have been in. But just those. And that is it.

I can’t tell you about things I never seen. Sure. I could make something up but then again, I stopped lying to people about 20 years ago.

My point was how can you blindly support someone when no one really knows what happened. With so many stories?

And the thing is I don’t know anything about the city. What the TV is telling us. I don’t believe any of that.

I know police brutality isn’t a dream but I don’t know about there. I have never lived there.

We will see when the wash comes out but you are never gonna get what happened.

Sometimes I ramble after watching too much news.

/gotta stop reading comments

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