Vasoline - The Other White Meat
oh geez

I’m looking up chicken livers…

Well at the same time, since we are talking about bad food, does anyone remember the McDlt where the hot side stays hot? And McPizza?

The first one was good. 

The pizza one kinda sucked.

/just sitting here with a tummy ache blaming Michele for taking me to KFC….

//ignore me

  1. lizzinlosangeles said: I got the pizza and we still get the mclobster when they try it again every few years.
  2. motorskill said: I grew up in a mcdonalds test market. I remember when the mcpizza came out. They delivered in my area, so we would randomly get deliveries that were pranks and get tons of free food.
  3. potjie said: Hot side hot, cool side cool! Absolutely.
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